Officeworks - How to write a Brilliance Poem

Filmed for Officeworks for their Time to Write Campaign

Officeworks - How to spark creative ideas

Filmed for Officeworks for their Time to Write Campaign

High School Slam Poetry Workshop


Filmed by Film Pill UK.

I Write - 2014 Australian Poetry Slam Champion

On Oct 12, 2014 Zohab Zee Khan was chosen as Australian Poetry Slam Champion with his poem - "I Write"

Radio Hong Kong Interview

Imagine - Melbourne Tram

Performing Imagine on Melbourne Tram

Evident - Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy

Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand

A day in the life of Zohab Khan - ABC TV



Zohab, a spoken word poet, takes us through a day in his life. We follow him as he prepares his poem and goes through his daily routine.

Shot by Blake Buckley & Sophie Joyce
Special thanks to Sonya Gee

He Said - Peats Ridge Festival

Lost - Union Lane Melbourne

Imagine - 2012 Australian Poetry Slam

2012 Australian Poetry Slam National Final

International Poetry Slam Final Madrid

2014 International poetry slam MADRID Final

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