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"Zohab Zee Khan has little in common with the dead white male poets students commonly meet at high school....he delivers his lines with the rhythm and physicality of a rapper."
-The Sydney Morning Herald-

Zohab also demonstrated his prowess on the didgeridoo and harmonica, both of which he taught himself how to play. As a one-man variety show, Zohab used his props not just for entertainment, but to reinforce his message that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. This is a very powerful and effective message, especially for teens.
-Douglas Glenn Suzhou Singapore International School-

"Zohab is an incredible teacher, he is humble, creative and has the most inspiring presence... Students, particularly young men, learn so much from his poetry and generosity."
-Dr. Tamryn Bennett, Red Room Company-

“I believe his performance was best suited
to my age group, as we are all going through
changes and are starting to make our own decisions and opinions on the people and world around us. He also taught us his strategies on dealing with bullying and discrimination.”

-Michael, Year 8
, Nanjing International School-

“...generally when teachers say you have to go to a performance you often expect it to be boring, but this is the best performance I’ve seen.”
-Chanel, Year 9
, Kinross Wolaroi School

“Hey Zohab, you visited my school earlier this year and I was very impressed by your spoken word poetry, so much to the point where you have inspired me to write poetry, in particular slam poetry. Before you came to my school I was feeling very sad from all the bullying I get. You have let me know how ok it is to be different and be proud of being different. You have made me a poet.”
-Year 8 Student-

Zohab Zee Khan is a poet, motivational speaker, and educator who shifts cultures within schools and organisations so as to build a motivating, creative and inclusive space.

Zohab has conducted over a thousand poetry and self-development workshops across the globe in over 30 countries. Through the use of his high energy sessions, he has inspired change and confidence in countless people across the globe.
As a certified life coach Zohab uses his unique skill set to make a profound change in the overall wellness of leaders and educators around the world.

As a 4th generation Australian of Pakistani heritage and having been raised in rural NSW, Zohab has channeled his distinct life experiences into stories with the intent to educate. He seamlessly integrates Urdu and Punjabi into his artistic work as he confronts a range of issues from addictions, self-destructive behaviours, bully, racism, inequality and socio- economic disparities. Zohab’s powerful words have left countless inspired.

“The students and staff TOTALLY enjoyed Zohab!!! Thank you so very much! I've had 6 Year 6 boys come asking for poetry books and reading 'prose' novels - where the whole novel is a poem. Sensational result!”
Lea Tracy Horan, Teacher,
 Tacking Point Public School-

Zohab has the perfect mix of passion,
imagination and intellect to win over crowds, students or anyone within earshot of his spoken word... Zohab has been phenomenal in our workshops and has won roars from our audiences.

-Miles Merrill, Australian Poetry Slam-

Thank you for the amazing job you did teaching me and my peers. We are so lucky to have been taught by such a great poet.

-Year 9 Student, Xavier High School, Albury NSW-

“In performance, he prowls and growls and hisses and grins, bends his body like a coat-hanger into various unlikely shapes, and seems to live his poems through his limbs.”
-Mark Dapin, Journalist
, Sydney Morning Herald-

“Even though we were working through
the screen your enthusiasm reached out to us all. There were time when I sat back and just watched you fizzing with ideas and it was amazing to see everyone locked into what you were saying. What they probably don’t realise was, they were fizzing in the same way.”

-Simon Fosse-Collins, Assistant Head for East Kent-

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